Digital Dust Monitor (Model 3431)


     · Industrial hygiene, Health & Safety applications.
     · IAQ investigation.
     · Manufacturing process control. (Precision machinery, electronic components, foods, pharmaceutical)

     · State-of-the-art components based on advanced light-scattering technology.
     · Compact and light weight.
     · Easy operation.
     · Easy to read large LCD.
     · Affordable price.


 Measuring Method

 Light Scattering Method

 Measuring Object

 Aersol (Indoor and Outdoor Environment) 

 Particle Diameter of Measurement

 Less than 10

 Measuring Range

 0.0013.999 / (1cpm = 0.001/)


 ±10%±1digit (of indication)

 Linear Characteristic

 ±5% (of indication)

 Measuring Time

 1 min/3 min/10min (built-in timer) and continuous mode

 Light Source

 Laser Diode


 Photo Diode


 4-digit LCD, Dust count value(CPM) and Relative mass concentration value


 Cleaning, measuring mode, battery status, concentration conversion operation, zero point confirmation


 Analog output (04000cpm=04V)

 Power Supply

 AC Adaptor and dry cell battery (6A type)


 162 x 60 x 102 mm


 Approx. 1


 Main Unit(1), AC Adaptor(1), Battery(6), Micro Driver(1), Shoulder Strap(1), Filter(2), Operation Manual(1)


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