Linear Output Type Anemomaster (Model 6141)


    · It is designed so compactly and reliably that can satisfy the requirements
      of industry, experiment and reserch.
    · The scale is equally divided and so the read-out is obtained accurately.
    · Also, it is connective to recorder and controller.

    · Probes both for velocity and temperature adopts platinum wound wire
      resistance element applied by special coating.
    · Measuring range can be changed by push button operation.
    · Scale is equally divided and meter section is wide and bright.
    · As an acculate linear amplifier is equipped, it obtains 1V DC output for
      full scale of velocity and temperature and is connective to recorder.




6 1 4 1


 Constant temperature type with balanced bridge (velocity)
 Constant current & bridge inspection type (temperature)


 Platinum wound wire resistance element

 Measurement Mode

 Wind velocity and temperature

 Measuring Object

 Clean air -20100 at regular humidity and pressure

 Measuring Range

 Velocity : 3-range (0.051, 0.0510, 0.0550m/s)
 Temperature : 4-ranges (-2010, 1040, 4070, 70100)


 Velocity : ±2% F.S for each range when calibrated
 Temperature compensation : ±5% F.S for 580)
 Temperature : ±0.5 for each range


 Changeable output for wind velocity and temperature
 1V DC output, Impedance 1 less


 Velocity : FAST ....... 1 sec. less
                SLOW ..... 4 sec. less
 Temperature : 30 sec. less for velocity 5m/s


 Taut band DC ammeter, uniform scale
 Velocity : 010, 050m/s ..... 50 cut uniform scale
 Temperature : 030 ..... 60 cut uniform scale


 Ni-Cd battery or AC Supply

 Ambient Temperature



 226 x 150 x 300 mm


 4.5 for Ni-Cd Battery, 3.5 for AC


 Type AC ..... AC cord 2m(1), Dust cover(1), Output signal cord(1), Manual(1)
 Type DC Ni-Cd Battery (Optional) ..... Charger(1), Dust cover(1), Output signal cord(1),


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