4-Channel Anemomaster (System 6244)


     · Indoor Air Quality.
     · Heat Ventilation Conditioning.
     · Clean Room.

     · 4-Channels Measurement of Air Velocity.
     · RS-232C serial interface for connection to PC. 
     · 05VDC Analog Output for each channel.
     · Minimum 0.1sec sampling time for all readings.
     · More than 10 types of probe to choose from.



 6 2 4 4 System

 Measuring Object

 Clean air flow with normal temperature and pressure

 Measuring Range 

 0.125m/s or 0.150m/s (Probe choose)


 0.125m/s : ±0.150.6 m/s
 0.150m/s : ±0.151.0 m/s


 0.01m/s : 09.99m/s
 0.1m/s   : 1025/50m/s


 LCD simultaneously display on a module based
 MAN ..... Is used to select modules by operating the up/down keys


 Measuring mode ..... Burst Mode ; Transfers data of all channels at high speed
                                   Channel Mode ; Transfers data of the specific channel only
 Data selection ......... Outputs instaneous values every specified sampling time and outputs the average


 Data transfer ..... RS-232C  
                            Analog Output (05VDC for each channel)
 Baud Rate ......... 9600 bps

 Ambient Temperature


 Power Supply

 AC 85265V


 200 x 260 x 70 mm


 About 2.6


 Main Unit(1), Power Cable(1), RS-232C Cable(1), Measurement Software(1), Operation Manual(1)

 Option Part

 Velocity Sensor, Sensor Cable 10, 20, 30m


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