Anemomaster (Model A031/A041) ...... Telescopic Type Probe


    · Single probe capable of measuring air velocity and Temperarure
    · Built-in memory allows you to store measurement data.
    · Highly visible LCD capable of displaying air velocity and temperature
    · RS-232C and Analog(Option) outputs available.

    · Data can be reviewed on-screen, printed or downloaded to a computer.
    · Articulating probe for various applications.
    · Etched length marks on the telescopic probe make duct traverse
      measurement easier.
    · Telescopic probe for hard-to-reach area and in-duct measurements.
    · Built in RS-232C transmission port allows connecting for external data



 Measuring Function

 Air velocity, Air temperature, Pressure(Option)

 Measuring Object

 Clean airflow with normal temperature and pressure

 Measuring Range

 Air velocity        : 0.130m/s
 Air temperature : -2060      
 Pressure          : 0±5kPa .....


 Air velocity        : 0.01m/s(09.99m/s),  0.1m/s(1030m/s)
 Air temperature : 0.1
 Pressure          : 0.01kPa


 Air velocity        : ±3% of reading or ±0.015m/s whichever is greater
 Air temperature : ±0.3
 Pressure          : ±3% of reading

 compensation accuracy

 ±5% FS in a temperature range of 580


 Air velocity        : Approx. 1sec (90% at air velocity of 1m/s)
 Air temperature : Approx. 30sec
 Pressure          : Approx. 1sec


 Digital Output : RS-232C(4,800, 9,600, 19,200, 38,400bps)
 Analog Output : DC 03V (Selec from Velocity, Temperature, Pressure) .....

 Data Storage

 Timed and multipoint average calculation
 Total of 800 data for velovity and temperature /
 Volumetric Flowrate and Temperature / Pressure

 Power supply

 Alkali Battery or AC Adaptor (AC90240V, 50/60Hz)

 Operating temperature



 Straight  Probe Model A031/A041
 · Length : 100cm
 · Telescopic / Diameter of Tip : 6mm
 · Diameter of Base : 12mm
 Articulating Probe Model A034/A044
 · Length : 100cm
 · Telescopic / Diameter of Tip : 6mm
 · Diameter of Base : 12mm
 · Articulating section length : 90mm


 Approx. 400g


 Main Unit(1), Telescopic Probe with Cable(1), Alkali Battery(6), Carrying Case(1), 
 Measurement Software(1), Operation Manual(1)

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