Electromagnetic Current Meter
(Memory Type)

1)World's first three dimensional electromagnetic current sensor

2)Hall element compass,2 Axis tilt sensor

3)High-accuracy temperature/conductivity /depth sensor

4)Three measuring modes: continuous, burst and special burst
   (wave measuring)

5)16M bits memory pack(1048480 data)

6)Data processing software package is available

7)Self-contained rechargeable batteries

8)Small, strong, and easy to handle

9) High quality yet inexpensive


- ACM16M series, a new development by Alec Electronics, is an Electromagnetic Current   Meter capable of long-range ocean setting.
- With self-contained recording it is able to measure the current of two horizontal components   or three-dimensional currents.
- Temperature, Conductivity, and water pressure can be measured at the same time.
- With a highly accurate Hall Element Compass in the pressure case, current adjustments   against magnetic North and the slant of the mooring rope can be done plus the co-ordinate   adjustment of 3 axis current can be accomplished.
- A recording panel is provided that contains a removable Pack of Data loggers having  1,048,480 bit data capacity which enables continuos measurement for 120 days maximum.
- Up to nine channels of recording is possible. You can select the suitable model to match   your survey reguirements.
- ACM16M has no moving parts in either the sensor or the recording panel.
- It is portable, easily handled and trouble free.
- Our patented electromagnetic current sensor is   solid state design and has good horizontal   or slant inflow angle, zero-drift, and can be used   for accurate tidal measuring in the coastal   wave zone.
- Thus, it is a current meter able to applied to measurements forth of rising currents in deep   sea and waves by combining water pressure sensors.



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