Direct Reading EM Current Meter
with Depth Sensor



-This low cost instrument is rugged, easy to operate and highly accurate.
- It consists of a waterproof control/display unit and the underwater electromagnetic probe.
-The probe includes a compass and the depth sensor.
-The ACM-200PD control unit uses a large LCD panel to present in real time, the vector sum   or the individual X/ Y current velocities along with their direction and depth.
-To further enhance the flexibility of it fs data handling,this control unit provides both and   analog and an RS232C output which when coupled to the appropriate recorders or PC will   give added capability to the researcher and a permanent data record.
-The EM probe assembly with its compass and depth sensor is only 60mm in diameter.
- It is easy to handle and presents a minimum of lateral drag when deployed in high current   conditions.
- Using 316 stainless steel this unit can safely operate to a depth of 500 meters.
-The signal cable, made of reinforced Kevlar, is also used as its mooring cable.
- An additional attachment point for ballast or an anchor line is provided.


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