Memory-Type Current Meter

유속계(Memory type)


-ACM-8M, a new development by Alec Electronics, is an Electromagnetic current meter  capable for long-range ocean setting.
Current speed, direction and water temperature are measured and recorded in its  self-contained memory pack type Data Logger which has the capacity of 8 mega bits and is  capable for continuous recording over several months.
-The spherical electromagnetic current sensor contains 2 pairs of electrodes measuring
 X & Y  components.
-The sensor has no moving parts which makes it possible to meet the requirement for precise  measurements of the current from slow to high speed.
-With a highly responsive Hall Element Compass contained in pressure case D vector  average calculation and current adjustments against the waves and the slant of the mooring  rope can be done.
-The recording unit has a data logger of memory pack type which is removable from the unit  and has a recording
capacity of 524000 data.
-The recorded data in
memory pack can be transferred to personal computer via Memory  Pack Reader and can be calculated and analyzed with the program/software available from  Alec Electronics.
-ACM-8M is so compactly designed that handling, setting and recovering can be easily done. -When you set this model horizontally, vertical component of the current can be measured. -With our ACM-16M series, 3 axis and multi-parameter current measurements can be done.
-ACM8M utilizes a memory pack type data logger which provides a stable data  collecting.
-Compared to magnetic tape devices, ACM-8M has almost no recording errors and is free  from mechanical troubles.
-All the operations and calculations are controlled by the CPU.
-However, various measuring programs can be set using the LCD on the control panel as a  monitor.


8Mbit                                    Memory Pack Reader
IC Memory Packpack                              IF-32   IF-32  


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