2-Component Electromagnetic
Current Meter



특징 :
- ACM200 Series는 직류 2성분 X축, Y축의 전자 유속계이다.
- 주로 수리 Model 실험용에 사용되고 있으나 방적 Portable형의 Case이므로 야외에서도 사용할 수 있다.
- Sensor부는 세계 최소형으로 직경 9mm의 200형과 직경 5mm의 250형이 있고, 통상은 수직으로 고정하여,   
   X,Y 2성분의 출력으로써 Vector를 구해 유량 유속을 알 수 있다.

- The model ACM200-A and ACM250-A are electromagnetic current meters  capable of   measuring flow in    the X & Y axis.
- Initially designed for laboratory use, their rugged waterproof case and  stainless steel   sensor  probe   construction make them entirely suitable for use  in the field.
- Unlike other types of currents meters, the ACM 200/ 250 series have no  mechanical parts   such as rotors,    propellers, etc.
- This makes for a very stable current meter able to measure both low and high  current   values   in fresh or    salt water, muddy or bubbly water, with great  accuracy.
- The cylindrical X , Y sensor probe, usually mounted vertically, is provided with  a 9mm   diameter sensor    element in the ACM 200 series or 5 mm diameter  sensor element in the   ACM  250 series.
- The ACM200 or 250 series can be supplied with analog output digital output or  to be used    with a printer.
- For these units the letter A, D or P is included in the model designator.
- When the L-shaped probe is used, horizontal current can be measured in the  Y-axis while    the  vertical    measurement can be taken in the X-axis.
- Should modifications to the system, including other shapes of sensor probes,  be required    you  are invited   to consult with our engineers at
Alec Electronics  Co., Ltd.

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