The Nortek Profiler measures the velocity in many depth cells - all at once!
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The Nortek Acoustic Doppler Profiler is an accurate current profiler designed for use in coastal waters, rivers, lakes, and estuaries. It measures the mean current in a user-selectable number of depth cells and it is used all over the world as a versatile and accurate alternative to single-point current meters. It is simple to operate and it does not require calibration. There are no moving parts and the rugged sensor is tolerant to fouling from algae or barnacles.

The Nortek Profiler is a variable both for stationary applications and for vessel mounted applications. It is available in standard mode for standard profiling applications and in high-resolution mode for boundary layer studies. All stationary applications can immediately benefit from the use of Explore for Profilers, Nortek's unique post processing software.


Typical Applications:

Port and harbor monitoring

Buoy mounted

Environmental studies

Oceanographic studies

Boundary layer studies

River Measurements

Offshore monitoring

Survey Vessels

Internal waves

The Basic Profiler
Ideal for integration with other sensors or data acquisition systems.
-Combines a 14 cm tall sensor head with stand-alone processing electronics contained in a splash
 proof  enclosure.
-Serial interface (ASCII/binary) allows easy integration. Widely used for long-term monitoring,
 such as buoys,  platforms, or piers.

Stand-Alone Profiler
Contains all the electronics in the underwater housing and can be fitted with several options,
  included  self-contained operation for as long as a year.
-Any computer or serial communication port can be used to configure or receive data.
-Great for real time monitoring on long cables.





Pressure sensor
Compass and tilt sensor
Internal memory (solid state)
External battery housing




 Acoustic frequency

 3 MHz

 1.5 MHz

 0.5 MHz

 Maximum operating depth

 200 m

 200 m

 200 m

 Maximum profiling range

 3-6 m

 15-25 m

 70-110 m

 Maximum resolution

 0.2 m

 0.4 m

 1 m

 Zone of no measurements
 ( Blanking)

 0.2 m

 0.4 m

 1 m

 Number of range cells

 Programmable up to 128 cells

 Velocity components

 When used with the optional internal compass, the data are  provided in earth coordinates. Without a compass, the data are  reported in the system coordinate of the sensor head.

 Velocity range

 ±0 m/s

 Velocity resolution

 0.1 cm/s

 Velocity accuracy

 ±% of measured velocity, ±0.5 cm/s

 Sampling rate

 Maximum 0.5 Hz
 (data averaged internally at higher rates)


Sensor Head


 Operating Temperature

 0° to 40° C

 -5° to 45° C

 Storage temperature

 -10° to 50° C

 -20° to 60° C

 Input power

 12 - 24 VDC


 Power consumption when  operating

 3 W


 Power consumption in sleep  mode

 1 mW



 10 - 85 MB solid state



 Self calibrating flux gate  compass with liquid tilt sensor



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