Velocimeter Sensor

The acoustic sensor uses one transmit transducer and three receive transducers to derive the 3D velocity. The sampling volume is located away from the sensor to provide undisturbed measurements
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The Nortek laboratory velocimeter is a versatile, high-precision instrument for water motion measurements in laboratories, in lakes, in rivers, and in oceans. No moving parts, no recalibration, no zero-drift, and excellent performance in turbid water. It is the standard for advanced measurements in hydraulics.

The 10 MHz velocimeter is the preferred tool in laboratory settings and in limited field applications ("day trips"). For self-contained applications in rivers, lakes or oceans, the 6 MHz Nortek Vector Velocimeter offer a better choice.

Typical Applications:

In the lab:

In lakes and marshes:

In rivers:

In oceans:

Wave models

Ultra low flows


Surface dynamics

Current flumes

Environmental studies

Sediment studies

Wave motion

Ship modeling

Fish screens


Bottom boundary

Tidal basins

Routine monitoring

Turbine inlets


The 10 MHz Velocimeter is available in several models, each tailored for specific applications.
The two main models are:

PC-based version

The PC-based version has all the electronics implemented on a full size PC card that can be inserted into a desktop computer. It is simple to set up and operate, the data are stored directly to hard disk, and power is supplied from the PC. The standard unit is delivered with a 5 cm down-looking sensor mounted on a rigid 40 cm stem. The standard cable length to the PC is 10 meters. Analog outputs for use with a secondary data acquisition system are optional.

Stand-alone version

The stand alone version does not require a full-sized PC. It is designed for use in power limited applications and can be interfaced to a portable computer or a use -supplied data acquisitions system. Both serial and analog outputs are standard. Control lines are included for external power management and synchronization.

All systems come with the standard Nortek software suite, which includes:

  • Real-time display and data collection software
  • System checking and maintenance software
  • Data conversion software, including source code in C


구    분


 Acoustic Frequency

 10 MHz

 Velocity Range

 ±0.03, 0.10, 0.30, 1.0, or ±2.5 m/sec.

 Velocity Resolution

 0.1 mm/sec

 Velocity Bias

 ±1%, no measurable zero-offset in the
 horizontal  direction

 Random Noise

 Approximately 1% of velocity range at 25 Hz

 Sampling Rate

 Programmable from 0.1 to 25 Hz

 Sampling Volume

 Less than 0.25 cm3

 Minimum Water Depth

 20 mm for side-looking, 2-D probe, 60 mm for
 all 5 cm  probes, and 120 mm for  10  cm probes

 Minimum Distance from Sampling Volume
 to  Boundary

 5 mm

 Maximum Water Depth



Probe Electronics



Operating Temperature

 0 to 40°C

 -5 to 45°C

Storage Temperature

 -10 to 50°C

 -5 to -20 to 60°C




Power Supply

 110/220 Volt AC

 12-24 Volt DC

Power Consumption: Determined by computer Approximately 3 W operation, less than 1 mW in sleep mode

Voltage in the probe cables do not exceed ±12 VDC (50 mA) and 20 Vrms AC (100 mA)

Control and Communication Lines




Analog u, v, and w:

 (±5 V,±10 V)

Yes (0-5 V)

Analog Signal Strength



Serial Communication


Yes (RS-232)

Power Enable (Sleep mode)



TTL External Synch I/O



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