Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter

Precise measurements of 3-D fluid flow

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ADVField for Field



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The ADVField does not require a full-size PC. It is designed for use in power-limited applications and can be interface ed to a potable computer or a user-supplied data acquisition system.

Both serial and analog outputs are standard. Control lines are included for external power managementand synchronization.



Acoustic Frequency


Velocity Range

 ±0.03, 0.10, 0.30, 1.0 or ±2.5 m/s

Velocity Resolution

 0.1 mm/s

Velocity Bias

 0.5%, no measurable zero-offset in

 the horizontal direction

Cable Range

 10 meter High-Frequency cable

Random Noise

 Approximately 1% of velocity range at 25Hz

Sampling Rate

 Programmable from 0.1 to 25 Hz

Sampling Volume

 Less than 0.25 cm^3

Min. Water Depth

 20 mm for side looking, 2-D probe, 60 mm for all 5 cm probes and 120mm

 for 10cm probes

Min. Distance


Max. Water Depth

 30 meter

Operating Temperature

 -5 to 45

Storage Temperature

 -20 to 60

Power Supply

 12~24 Volt DC

Power Consumption

 Approximately 3W operating, less than 1mW in sleep mode.


5 Probe Option

3-D down looking

3-D side looking probe

3-D up-looking probe

2-D side looking probe

3-D sensor mounted on a 100 cm cable

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