Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter

Precise measurements of 3-D fluid flow

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ADVLab for Lab





The ADVLab is designed for use with a desktop PC in a laboratory setting. It is very simple to setup and operate, the data are stored directly to hard disk, and the power is supplied from the PC.

The standard unit is delivered with a 5cm down looking sensor mounted on a rigid 40cm steam.

The standard cable length to the PC is 10 meters. Analog outputs for use with a secondary data

acquisition system are optional.



Acoustic Frequency


Velocity Range

 ±0.03, 0.10, 0.30, 1.0 or ±2.5 m/s

Velocity Resolution

 0.1 mm/s

Velocity Bias

 0.5%, no measurable zero-offset in

 the horizontal direction

Cable Range

 10 meter High-Frequency cable

Random Noise

 Approximately 1% of velocity range at 25Hz

Sampling Rate

 Programmable from 0.1 to 25 Hz

Sampling Volume

 Less than 0.25 cm^3

Min. Water Depth

 20 mm for side looking, 2-D probe, 60 mm for

 all 5 cm probes and 120mm for 10cm probes

Min. Distance


Max. Water Depth

 30 meter

Operating Temperature

 0 to 40

Storage Temperature

 -10 to 50

Power Supply

 110/220 Volt AC

Power Consumption

 Determined by computer


Analog Output

 ±5V, ±10V

Analog Input Module

 8 channels on extra PC-Card


5 Probe Option

3-D down looking

3-D side looking probe

3-D up-looking probe

2-D side looking probe

3-D sensor mounted on a 100 cm cable

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