Water Velocity Measurement
Minimum interval 10 s
Uncertainty at 100% duty cycle and minimum interval 0.5 cm/s
Cell distance from transducer 0.3-1.0 m
Nearest hard boundary 2 m
Minimum angle to hard reflector 15°
Ping rate 25 Hz, each beam

Sampling Strategy. During sampling, the Aquadopp atlernates between operational and wait states - most of the time is spent in wait state. When done, the Aquadopp goes into sleep state.

Echo Intensity
Sampling Same volume and time as velocity
Resolution 0.45 dB
Long-term stability 2dB
Dynamic range 90 dB

Frequency 2.0 MHz
Beam width 1.7°
Sidelobe suppression 50 dB one-way, outside 15° cone

Standard model Plastic
Full ocean depth model Titanium and plastic

Standard sensors

Temperature Range -5°C to 40°C
Uncertainty 0.1°C

Compass Type Flux-gate
Accuracy 2°
Max. tilt 20°

Tilt Type Liquid level
Accurracy 0.2°
Up-down Automatic detect

Pressure Type Strain-gauge
Maximum 200m (300 psi)
Accuracy 0.25% f.s.
Resolution 0.01% f.s.

External devices. Synchronized to external devices via RDS3 master protocol (SeaBird and FSI CTDs)

Diagnostics. The Aquadopp periodically records data to diagnose environmental conditions (mooring vibration, other mooring motion, wave velocities) and to monitor the health of the system.

Data Communication
I/O RS232 and RS422
Baud rate 9600 standard, 36,400 data download
User control Handled via Deploy software

Data Recording
Capacity 2MB, upgradable to at least 20MB
Data record 38 bytes
Diagnostic record 100 bytes standard

Dc input 8-18 VDC
Peak current 1 amp at 8VDC & max xmit power
Average power Operate: 500 mw
Wait 50 mw
Sleep: 1 mw
Transmit power 15 W max, adjustable over 20 dB
Battery capacity 50 watt-hours
Battery construction 18 AA Alkaline cells
New battery voltage 13.5 VDC
Data collection capacity 1 year at 10-min, ± 1.0 cm/s

Antifouling paint May be applied to all surfaces

Dimensions Weight in air Weight in water
Cylinder: 75mm in 3.5 kg neutral
diameter, 500 mm long

Pressure 400 m (600 psi)

The Ultimate 3D Ocean Current Meter

The Aquadopp acoustic Doppler current meter is a new paradigm for current measurement. Designed as an industrial product, it uses methods, techniques, and components from the world of consumer electronics. It's intelligent power management scheme traces it's roots to the demanding cellular phone industry. With Aquadopp, the bulkiness of typical Doppler current meters is gone and now you can have the compact, easily-handled package you have all requested. The Aquadopp exclusively uses durable, corrosion-proof plastic and titanium, and it gives you uncompromising data quality and long term deployments.

The Aquadopp is a complete ocean current meter for measurements with time scales larger than 10 seconds. It has no moving parts, requires no recalibration, and it's carefully-implemented, proven Doppler processing methods give you 3D velocity.

Measuring 7.5 cm in diameter and 50 cm in length, the Aquadopp is small and easy to handle.

The OEM version is 12 cm shorter and does not contain recorder or bateries.

This 3D vector-averaging Doppler sensor includes built-in solid state recorder, pressure sensor, batteries and internal temperature sensor. You can use synchronized interfaces and you can log data from high-precision external CTDs.

The Aquadopp software suite operates under Win 32 operating systems (W95/NT) and it contains modules for real time data collection deployment planning, data recovery, and systems diagnosis.

Sampling strategy: During sampling, the Aquadopp alternates between operational and wait states. the wait state reduces energy consumption about a factor of 10. When sampling is complete, the Aquadopp goes into sleep state.

Diagnostics: The Aquadopp can record data to diagnose environmental conditions at user-selected intervals. This allows you to see the effect of mooring motion, wave orbital velocity and to monitor the health of the system.

Recorder capacity: 2 MB

Battery capacity: 3 month deployment on alkaline batteries, up to one year with lithium

Side view of Aquadopp mounted with Benhos shallow-water release.

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