ij ý  (Scanning   System)

  An auxiliary unit to allow the connection of multiple pressure inputs to a single transmitter
   or micro-manometer.

Feature :

- 20 pneumatics inputs (10 differential pressure channels).

- Selection modes:

- Sequential pre-programmed intervals (1 to 20 seconds)

- BCD input from external control system

- Voltage input from remote source

- Manual input from front panel

- Can be linked to give <99 pairs of pressure inputs


FCO91 ׸,з ij

Scanning   Box (Model : #FCO 91)




 Pneumatic couplings

 6mm OD, 4mm ID compression

 Max. static working pressure

 ±1 Bar

 Supply voltage

 AC 220V or 110V


 420mm wide×130mm high×290mm


 9 Kg (approximately)

 Rack mounting brackets


 External control input

 D plug for BCD, D socket for pulse control

 External monitor

 D plug for BCD output

 Compatible fluids

 Air, Gas or Water

 Channels possible

 Up to 99 pairs using FCO 91-SU units





FCO 91-10

10 pairs

For 10 differential pressure outputs

FCO 91-20

20 single

For 20 single pressure inputs


20 valves

SLAVE UNIT for stacking with FCO 91-10 and 20

FCO 91-6

5 pairs plus static

Special box for five-hole pitot tube



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