Ultra-miniature Recorders




- The MDS Micro Data-recorder System is a series of ultra-miniature recorders for water    temperature, pressure (depth) and light intensity measurements.
- The pressure case of these units, designed for 500 meter depth, is 18mm in diameter and   109mm in length.
- It contains the Sensor, Sensor Amplifier, A/D Converter, Clock, Memory  IC,Batteries,
  plus a data output connector and function switch.
- The Recorder has a memory capacity of 32k bytes which provides enough memory for 440   days of continuous measurement when using a 20min interval.
- Using the interface unit and  software available from Alec Electronics, recorded data can be   transferred to a PC for  compiling and further analysis.
- Developed for underwater studies of various mammals and fish, these recorders unique size   and features find use in a variety of other field applications.


Interface Unit

Interface Unit

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