Ӱ  (Elecrtomagnetic  Current  Meter) VM-901H

* Features
1. Ultra small detector assures measurement with minimized disturbance of water currents.
2. Best suitable for wave experiments as most fast 0.05sec. response time.
3. Zero adjustment can be executed by manual or automatic.
   In case of automatic, remote control adjustment is possible.
4. Water proof connector for detector and assures submerged use also
       convenience for store.

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Measuring Direction

X-Axis, 1 component, 2 directions

Measuring Range

2 ranges manual switching  

 range 1 : 0 - ±50 cm/s

 range 2 : 0 - ±100 cm/s

Output Voltage

±5V F.S  , Load over 10kohm, BNC connector

Measuring Accuracy

±2% F.S

Response Time

0.05, 0.5sec (2 Ranges manual switching)

Calibration Output

0V, +5V


 1.5 grade analog meter

Zero Adjustment

manual : with multi revolving timer


 auto : with exterior control action signal rising edge

 Temp. & Humidity

0 - 40, 20-80% RH

Main Body Dimensions

316×96×300mm (3.5Kg)

 Standard Accessories

 Power source cable(3m)
 Output cable (1.5m) : BNC clip
 Fuse (1.5A x 2pcs)
 Instruction manual
 Test certificate  

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Sensor Shape

04P, 04PL : Ø4×18mm
08P, 08PL : Ø8×30mm

 water proof connector


 Ambient Temp.

 0 - 40

 Connecting Cable

 10m(standard),    * option ; max. 50m

(Detector Model)

VMT-200-04P, 04PL, 08P, 08PL ߿

 Standard Accessories

 Connecting cable (10m)
 Metal clamp
 Wooden storage case

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