ü ġ  (Universal  Hydraulics  System)




 ·Full quantitative studies possible

 ·Full instrumentation provided

 ·Direct comparison of principal pressure drops

 ·Self-contained water circuit

 ·Ideal suited for group work as well as laboratory


 ·Out-put of water wheel can be tested by

   Prony-Brake Dynamometer or A.C. Generator unit




 Water pump & drive motor

Type                : Volute Type

Head×Flow rate : 15m×0.8m3/min

Drive motor        : 3.75Kw

Pressure gauge : -76cmHg4Kg/cm2

 Water pump &   drive motor

Type                 : 2 stages volute type

Head×Flow rate : 26m×0.2m3/min

Drive Motor       : 2.2Kw

Pressure gauge : -76cmHg4Kg/cm2

 Francis water  turbine

Head×Flow rate : 12m×11/sec

Speed              : 700rpm. (Approx.)

D.C. Generator  : 24V×0.84Kw


Pressure gauge : 4Kg/cm2 G.-76cmHg

 Pelton water Wheel

Head×Flow rate : 16.5m×3.5/sec

Speed              : 800rpm. (Approx)


Pressure gauge : 440Kg/cm2 G


Open Channel : 2.8(L)×0.6(W)×0.45(H)m

Weirs              : Triangle angle(90°), V-notch

Hook gauge     : 0400mm

Delivery 2 way shutter

 Water sump tank

Reservoir         : 4(L)×0.9(W)×0.9(H)m

Steel plate        : 3.2t mm

Capacity          : 3200 liter

 Flow pressure set device

Pressure set     : By-pass flow control type

Pressure gauge : 04Kg/cm2 G

Overflow reservoir tank

 Flow rate measuring device

Venturimeter       : 20mm(dia. throat)

Orificemeter        : 17.8mm

Manometer         : U type manometer

 Friction loss measuring device

Straight pipe line : 35.7mm dia.

Bend                 : 90° bend

Valve                 : globe, gate, cock

Manometer         : U type, type

 Electric Panel

A.C. Voltmeter       : 0300V

A.C. Ammeter        : 020A

Power factor meter : 3 phase

Electric load for D.C. generator


 Standard Acc.

Hand tachometer, Stop watch

 Optional Acc.

Electric current meter, Micro computer & S/W, Printer, etc...


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