ũ   (Towing  Tank)


   -Although equipment for studying the motion of ship and other models through water is

     generally large and expansive, it is nevertheless possible to demonstrate the principles

     involved in an effective manner with this small unit, which operates in the same way

     as the large towing tanks used for research and for ship development.

   -Data acquisition of current meter is carried out when running forward.

   -When running backward, current meter is pulled up in the air.













Tank Dimension

Tank Materials

Tank water Depth

Carriage Speed

Carriage Dimension

Mechanical Brake

Rail Length

Driving Motor


Temp. Glass 10t, S41C, SUS #304

0.2 0.8m

0.2 1.5m/s, ±2%

1.0(W)×0.5(H)×0.8(L)m Approximately

Motor Disc Brake Type

40m, ±0.1mm

AC Induction motor 1.5Kw with HF Controller

ǥ   ǰ

HF Cart, Control Box, Tool set, Manual


̳Ÿ, °, Ʈġ, Model,

ġ, Data Acquisition System

PC, Water Current meter, Support Arm, etc...










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