When performance matters in current measurements

This all-new single-point 3D current meter provides you with high-resolution current information from all open water applications. Based on processing schemes originally developed for the Nortek Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter, the system electronics integrates unique Doppler velocity measurements with standard sensors such as temperature, pressure, tilt, and compass. State-of-the-art power management and miniaturized electronics combine in a compact single-canister design that is suitable for long-term self-contained deployments.

The Vector is designed with turbulence and wave measurements tin mind, but it also works as a standard current meter.

Rapid sampling rate resolves typical open water turbulence. The non-intrusive acoustic measurement suits it for wave orbital velocity, bottom boundary layer studies, ocean surface studies, coastal studies, etc.

The water quality is of little importance. The Vector works equally well in typical ocean water and in high sediment suspensions found near the coast or in rivers.

The system response when submerged is near instantaneous, making wave crest measurement possible as the probe moves in and out of the water.

The Vector supports burst sampling, where data are sampled rapidly for a short period of time before it "sleeps" to preserve battery power and recorder memory. The Vector samples pressure and temperature at the same time as the 3D velocity.

The Vector comes with a complete suite of Window 95/98/NT software for deployment planning, real time data collection and data retrieval.

Explore Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter, a post-processing program for spectral analysis and calculation of complex turbulence parameters, enables you to quickly see, process and interpret your turbulence data.

You can obtain the Vector with two different probes: a cable probe with 2-m cable and a rigid probe with a 25 cm stem (picture). The cable probe must be aligned with the main housing to ensure proper orientation.





구       분


Water Velocity Measurement


 ± 0.03, ± 0.3, ± 1, ± 3, ± 7 m/s


 0.5% of measured value ± 0.1 cm/s

Sampling frequency

 Slow mode f is less than or equal to 1 Hz

 Fast mode 25 Hz is less than or equal to f is less than or equal  to 1 Hz

 Sampling volume

 Diameter 1.5 cm,Height 2.0 cm

 Uncertainty at 25 Hz 1% of velocity

 Distance for sensor to  sampling volume

 0.15 m

 Internal ping rate

 100 Hz


 Frequency 6.0 MHz


Standard sensors



 -5°C to 40°C








 Max. tilt




 Liquid level




 Automatic detect





 400 m (600 psi)


 0.25% f.s.


 Better than 0.01% f.s.

External devices

Five wires may be used in any combination for user-selected I/O. Users select from:

  • Data communication
  • Analog voltage output
  • Analog input
  • Synch in/out
  • SeaBird Microcat CTD


Data Communication


 RS232 and RS422

 Baud rate

 9600 standard, 36400 data download

 User control

 Handled via Deploy software

Data Recording


 2 MB, up-gradable to at least 20 MB

 Data record

 40 bytes slow mode, 24 bytes fast  mode


 DC input

 8-18 VDC

 Peak current 1 amp at 9 VDC & max. transmit power

 Average power



 1 W


 1 mw

 Transmit power

 10 W

 Battery capacity

 50 watt-hours

 Battery construction

 18 AA Alkaline cells

 New battery voltage

 13.5 VDC


 Standard model : Titanium and plastic



 400 m (600 psi)


 In air

 5 kg

 In water

 1.5 kg

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